In order to reduce the excessive amount of light pollution and

light trespass along Burnt Store Road we recommend:

     Johnson Engineering and LCDOT need to produce their of the photometric point to point layout or layouts so they can be evaluated in order to help correct the massive amount of light pollution and light trespass.


    A Post Sales performance review should be performed by an objective roadway lighting designer or the Acuity Brands factory engineers to validate the results of the design & installation.  We tried to request it from Acuity Brands Southeast Region/West Coast Florida Territory regional representatives but were flat out told "we won't help you - we do business with Johnson Engineering and LCDOT and we won't jeopardize our relationship."

    Ideally pending the design & installation audit the pole spacing should be corrected and the fixtures should be replaced with Dark Sky compliant 3000 degree Kelvin with the more responsible Roadway Type II or Type III illumination pattern.

    Failing that, at a minimum the House Side Light Trespass Shields need to be installed to limit the invasive light trespass caused by the existing fixtures and they need to be dimmed down to reasonable levels.

    The light trespass shields could have been ordered with the fixtures but were not.  

    They are available 

separately for approximately $100 each and snap onto the fixtures in seconds without tools. 

    The total cost of the House Side Light Trespass Shields would only run approx. $13,200.00  

   (AEL Part# ATB2HS60) 

solution:  Install Light Trespass Shields

Unshielded 4K Roadway Type V Illumination Pattern

4K Roadway Type V Illumination Pattern w/House Side Light Trespass Shield

    Installing the House Side Light Trespass Shields would help focus the light on the roadway where it belongs and would help limit some of the invasive light pollution and light trespass.

solution:  Adjust output to reasonable levels

   Installing the house side light trespass shields, having an engineer 

take field measurements and dimming down the field adjustment module the performance of the system should be improved and it should reduce the light pollution and light trespass.

    Since the fixtures were ordered with the field adjustment modules, the engineer's work and dimming should have been included in LCDOT's scope of work. 

    The light trespass shields could probably be installed in about two days.

    Light Trespass is the most common source of citizen complaints. We are simply requesting that the light shining in our direction be directed toward the ground where it belongs.

"They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot."

Joni Mitchell

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