please help protect the beauty of

our natural florida horizons

    Lee County stated they "wanted to ensure that the corridor had a uniform ‘holistic’ appearance" which has to include consideration for the residents, wildlife, the environment, and the ecosystem in the equation.  Unfortunately that was not the case with the roadway lighting design and installation along the Burnt Store Road.

    As the Burnt Store Road Widening and other projects proceed in Southwest Florida we cannot let them continue unchecked on their current path of indiscriminately throwing massive amounts of high lumen/high color temperature LED light in all directions without any consideration for the consequences of irresponsible "design". 

    We need to protect the beauty of our natural Florida horizons and night skies for current and future generations.


  If you are at all concerned about the negative effect of overly bright  LED lights on the environment and the ecosystem, light pollution, or light trespass please make your voice heard and contact the people listed below.  The time of being environmentally and ecosystem irresponsible has passed.  The Planet can no longer afford it.

"What We Allow Is What Will Continue."


To voice your concerns and complaints please contact:


Randy Cerchie                                      239-533-8573



Vincent Miller                                          239-533-8777

County Commissioners: 


Dist1, Kevin Ruane                                    239-533-2224

Dist2, Cecil Pendergrass   

Executive Assistant                                    239-533-2227

Dist3, Ray Sandelli                                     239-533-2223

Dist4, Brian Hamman                                 239-533-2226

Dist5, Frank Mann
Executive Assistant                                     239-533-2225

Mayor of Cape Coral                         239-574-0436

Joe Coviello

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