Johnson Engineering & Lee County DOT submitted a "Memorandum" dated May 22, 2020 to defend their engineering on the roadway lighting design along Burnt Store Road.

    We submitted the memorandum for review by the Acuity Brands factory engineers who noted a number of discrepancies, most noticeably all the photometric reports in the memorandum were based on the Roadway Type 2 fixture that was originally specified NOT the Roadway Type 5 fixtures that were installed. 

"There also seems to be some back and forth about the distribution. They are implying the type 5 distribution was the only option that meet the Greenbook requirements despite a type 2 being originally specified. They reference the “last minute change” by the electrical distributor." 

"For someone to independently look into this situation, I would suggest seeking out a LC certified designer at and you can do a search based on your geographic location for names you can contact."

"They have suggested adding shielding which is a start but shields on a type 5 distribution will not do much and will impact their ability to meet the Greenbook levels. In many cases they may not have a photometric test available with the shields for them to update their calculations.


"While I do not mind answering generic questions about lighting and application, this particular situation now needs an independent consultant going forward."

    I met with Ryan Bell from Johnson Engineering and Randy Cerchie, Vincent Miller, and Mike Padgett of Lee County DOT on June 5, 2020 at their offices in Fort Myers.

  At the Acuity Brands factory senior engineer's direction I asked them for:

At post sales performance evaluation by Acuity Brands factory engineers.  They refused.

A copy of the "point to point photometric fixture layout" with the Roadway Type 5 fixtures.

They were unwilling or unable to provide this information.

A review of the project by an objective Lighting Certified Professional engineer.  They refused.

On June 12, 2020 Burnt Store Lighting LLC contracted with EFI Global who specializes in forensic engineering to perform a detain analysis of Johnson Engineering's memorandum and the roadway lighting design along Burnt Store Road in Cape Coral Florida. 

Here is a copy of the EFI Global report:

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